APRL’s Next Meeting

The International and Joint Meetings in London, UK, will be rescheduled from April 30 and May 1, 2020 to a future date. Please check back for updates.

London Calling! (Not one meeting but two.)

2020 APRL International Meeting in London, 30 April 2020 (Rethinking Legal Services Regulation in the 21st Century)

In conjunction with the APRL futures effort, we are taking advantage of the UK location for the international meeting to focus on rethinking how legal services are delivered and regulated in the U.S. There is much to learn from efforts already underway in the UK and elsewhere. In addition to a great lineup of APRL members, we have a star-studded list of guest speakers for the international meeting.  2020 also marks the 30th Anniversary of APRL and we will have a session led by two of our past Presidents on Ethics Lawyering for the Future.

Revised agenda for 30 April 2020 program

Transatlantic Legal Ethics: Current Issues in Law Firm Regulation and Legal Ethics in a Post-Brexit World, 1 May 2020 (Joint program with the Law Society of England & Wales)

Engage with leading experts from the U.S. and U.K. about common pressing legal ethics and professional regulatory issues.  As major developments continue to shape the nature of transatlantic business, this conference will bring in depth insights on key issues such as Brexit, GDPR, rules developments, cross border conflicts of interest and insurance.

Agenda for Joint Law Society Program

APRL Meetings

Semi-annual Meetings

APRL members meet semi-annually to discuss recent developments in professional responsibility and to catch up on friendships developed over the years. These semi-annual meetings are typically held in the same location as the ABA’s Annual Meeting in August and Mid-year Meeting in February of each year. During 2017, APRL will meet in Miami Beach in February and will meet in August in New York City.

International Meetings

In addition to the semi-annual meetings, every several years APRL holds an international professional responsibility conference. Past international conferences have been held in Paris (1996 and 2016), Shanghai (2000), Cambridge, UK (2000), Florence (2003), Amsterdam (2008) and Istanbul (2012). These conferences provide APRL members with an opportunity to meet with and explore common ground with lawyers from other nations interested in the legal ethics and professional responsibility fields.