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APRL Members Participate in ABA Advertising Forum Coming Up in Miami

The American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility is hosting a Forum in Miami to receive public comment on APRL’s proposed amendments to Model Rules of Professional Conduct 7.1 through 7.5 on Friday, March 3rd from 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency ( 3rd Floor Merrick II Room) during the ABA and APRL meetings in Miami Florida.  For more information about the Forum and links to the proposals, please check out THIS LINK.

APRL past presidents Mark Tuft and Lynda Shely will participate in the Forum along with representatives from each of the ABA Center for Professional Responsibility Standing Committees.

Legal Ethics Conference at California Western School of Law with APRL members Richard Zitrin and Bruce Green

APRL Members Richard Zitrin and Bruce Green will be on the faculty on a one-day legal ethics Colloquim at Cal Western in San Diego on February 11 along with a great group including Abbe Smith, Bruce Green, Liz Ryan Cole and several others. It’s designed for both profs and practitioners and for those like Richard who are hybrids. Should be terrific

Here is the announcement:

Please join us in San Diego for a one-day legal ethics colloquium at California Western School of Law on February 11, 2017. The conference will include a series of small workshops and discussions led by thought-leaders and experienced teachers in the field of legal ethics. Speakers will discuss the role and effect of heuristics and behavioral economics in legal ethics as well as new and innovative courses and teaching methods. The program is aimed at both professors of legal ethics as well as practitioners who train new lawyers or serve as ethics counsel. The conference will include an opening reception on Friday, February 10, 2017, from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m., and a closing reception on February 11, from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.

Speakers include:

Abbe Smith (Georgetown); Bruce Green (Fordham); Catherine O’Grady (Arizona); Liz Ryan Cole (Vermont); Martin Böhmer (Buenos Aires); Richard Zitrin (Hastings); Tigran Eldred (NESL); Tom Barton (CWSL); Tim Casey (CWSL).

Conference registration is available at this link and an early rate is available until January 13, 2017. California Western School of Law has been approved by the State Bar of California as a provider of MCLE. Conference participants will earn 7.0 hours of MCLE credit in legal ethics. The conference registration page includes information about hotels and transportation.

APRL Launches New Website

Welcome to the new website

The Board and project lead Allison Martin Rhodes would like to thank everyone who gave their time and energy, opinions and suggestions to this project.  In particular, our committee members Lucian Pera and Kendra Basner and our ever fearless admin Stacy Turcott.

Important Information:


First: Miami meeting registration will be open on the new site.  REGISTER NOW, because of the migration we are a bit behind schedule.  The hotel block expires in the first week of January and hotel rooms in Miami Beach are expensive.  Do not wait.

The new website has a number of new features and opportunities for the organization.  It is modern and navigation is dramatically improved.

For the public side, it is fully set up to provide a platform for our members to promote themselves in the increasingly important search engine universe.  We will be encouraging you to submit news, events, links to your blogs, articles for publication.  The more we/you post, the better the google results will become.   We have also increased the visibility of the member search function and would like to watch the site grow as a place for potential clients to find qualified ethics professionals.  The site offers many resources to serve our members both in marketing their practice and sharing resources and information.

On the members only side there are some major improvements.  The site is fully searchable in a simple google search style.  You can search just meeting materials or just forum posts or, you can search the entire site to include both these resources as well as amicus, reports and articles that are posted.  The more content we contribute, the better the resource will be.  There is no more second log on or clunky archives.  This works like a simple, clean search engine of everything we have to offer.   The entire listserve archive (14 years!) and all meting materials have been migrated to the new site.

What you need to do: 

1) Your existing user name and password will work on the new site.  If you do not know it, there is a password reset function at the log in screen.  Your username is your email.

2) Register for the Miami meeting

3) Manage your Forum (listserve) setting:

Once you are logged in as a member, click the FORUM button.  It will take you to the web based forum page.  The first three lines are your subscription options.  They are as follows:


Subscribe to New Topic Notifications:   Click this option if you wish to receive only the first post on a subject.  You will be able to click a button on any new post if you wish to subscribe to responses on that post, in which case you will receive them in your in box.  If you do not click subscribe on a specific post, you will receive no further emails on that subject (ie: reply all is disabled!).  If you are a listserve drop out, please give this option a try for a while.


Subscribe to All Posts: Click this option if you want your Forum experience to mirror your current listserve experience of receiving everything.


Subscribe to Daily Digest: Click this option if you wish to receive one email a day with everything in your subscription.


You can change your subscription settings anytime at this same spot.


You can generate a forum post by sending an email to  You can also use the forum like a blog, entirely web based for posting, reading and searching.


The web designers have created a detailed “user manual” for the Forum which is available here

We look forward to your ooos and ahhhs, comments and suggestions as we edit the site.  We are also looking for interesting current “APRL Members in the News” postings to freshen up the content, so please send along anything interesting you have in that regard

APRL Supports ABA Model 8.4(g)

APRL Board Votes to Support ABA Anti Discrimination Rule

At its August 2016 meeting, the APRL board met and heard commentary on the eve of the ABA vote.  The Board voted to add its support to the new anti-discrimination rule.  The text of the new rule, as revised, can be found HERE