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APRL Asks ABA to Revise Model Rule 5.5

Today, April 18, 2022, APRL’s President Brian S. Faughnan sent a letter to the President of the ABA.  The letter contains APRL’s proposal for overhauling Model Rule 5.5 as well as a Report of the Future of Lawyering Subcommittee of the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers.

APRL’s proposal advocates that a lawyer admitted in any United States jurisdiction should be able to practice law and represent willing clients without regard to the geographic location of the lawyer or the client, without regard to the forum where the services are to be provided, and without regard to which jurisdiction’s rules apply at a given moment in time. At the same time, our new Model Rule 5.5 would still preserve judicial authority in each state to regulate who appears in state courts, emphasizes that lawyers must be competent under Rule 1.1 no matter where they are practicing or what kind of legal services they are providing, and ensures that lawyers will be subject to the disciplinary jurisdiction of not only their state of licensure but wherever they practice.

You can read the letter, rule proposal, and comprehensive report by clicking on the link below:

Letter regarding our proposal to ABA President