APRL Committees


Pursuant to Section 5 of Article VIII of the Bylaws, Standing Committees are appointed annually by APRL’s President. For the 2022-2023 year, APRL’s Standing Committees are:

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee seeks to increase the membership of APRL. It does so by identifying groups and individuals interested in professional responsibility and recruiting them to join APRL. The Committee also plays an active role in welcoming new members into APRL.

Chair: Alecia Chandler
Jim Bolan
Susan Gunter
Patrick Olmstead
Rick Palmatier
Board Liaison: Brian Tannebaum

Public Statements Committee

The Public Statements Committee considers possible public statements, including amicus briefs, and makes recommendations to the Board regarding such statements.

Chair: Patricia Sallen
David Atkins
Diane Karpman
Paul Koning
Arden Olson
Board Liaison: Emil Ali

Website & Technology Committee

The Website & Technology Committee focuses on the adoption and use of computer-based systems by APRL, and maintenance of APRL’s website and listserv.

Chair: TBD

Board Liaison: Allison Wood

Webinar & CLE Committee

The Webinar & CLE Committee plans and produces internal programming for APRL members.

Chair: James Hunter

Board Liaison: Stacie Rosenzweig

Charles Kettlewell Award Committee

Every other year, a Charles Kettlewell Award Committee is formed under the Bylaws, and makes a recommendation to the Board on whether, and to whom, APRL should confer the Charles W. Kettlewell Legal Ethics Advisor Award. The Charles W. Kettlewell Legal Advisor Award is awarded to an APRL member who has demonstrated excellence in and dedication to the field of legal ethics and professional responsibility, by representing, advising, educating, or mentoring lawyers.


Pursuant to Section 5, Article VIII of the Bylaws, additional committees may be established by the Board as the Board desires. For the 2022-2023 year, APRL’s Special Committees are:

Integration and Engagement Committee

The IEC is charged with developing policies and actions to encourage all existing members to participate in and positively impact APRL. The association is a diverse one, including in terms of personal demographic, geography, and experience levels. APRL’s appeal and long term viability is closely tied to the ability to learn from and cooperatively work with extraordinarily talented ethicists throughout the United States and abroad. So, it is important to cultivate an environment where today’s elite and tomorrow’s leaders each have voices and a meaningful opportunity to contribute.

Chair: Joanna Storey
Margaret Christensen
Ron Minkoff
BrittaLisa Gess
Lauren Snyder
Pete Werdesheim
Board Liaison: Merri Baldwin

APRL Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee is charged with increasing awareness, programming, and attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion issues.

Chair: Will Hornsby
Ann B. Ching
Margaret Christensen
Robin K. Eagleson
Betsy Kimball
Gabe Miller
Ellen A. Pansky
Kim D. Ringler
Toby J. Rothschild
Anne I. Seidel
Richard Zitrin
Board Liaison: Sari W. Montgomery

APRL’s ABA Liaison Positions 2022-2023

ABA Center for Professional Responsibility Coordinating Council – Trish Rich

ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility –Elizabeth Clark Tarbert

ABA Standing Committee on Public Protection on the Provision of Legal Services – Jan Jacobowitz

ABA Standing Committee on Lawyer’s Professional Liability – Noah Fiedler

ABA Standing Committee on Professional Regulation – Trish Rich

ABA Standing Committee on Professionalism – Elizabeth Simon

ABA Commission on IOLTA – Kaylin Whittingham

ABA Standing Committee on Lawyer Assistance Programs (CoLAP) – Tracy Kepler

ABA Standing Committee on Lawyer Referral and Information Service – Gabe Miller

ABA Rule 5.5 Working Group – Brian Faughnan

ABA New Lawyers Steering Committee – Bianca Falcon